About the company

Sia Service Ltd

SIA Service has been operating in the IT market since 2005 and has established itself as a highly professional organization specializing in the development and implementation of solutions using information technology, primarily for government agencies, federal and municipalities.
The clients of our company are the largest enterprises and banks included in the list of TOP-100 companies in Russia, as well as government departments.
Business solutions
DRUZA - IT evolution of enterprises
DRUZA is a Russian-developed IT platform that increases the efficiency of an enterprise's business processes. The implementation of the platform is based on equipping enterprises with a high-precision tracking system that allows analytics of asset interactions in real-time. The project allows you to integrate the platform into existing MES and ERP systems, or replace them.
System capabilities
Integration of hardware tracking assets of an enterprise with a powerful analytical system allows you to significantly optimize existing business processes and create new ones aimed at reducing production losses and overall increasing the efficiency of enterprises.
Number of supported monitoring objects
50 sm
Accuracy of determining the location of tracking objects
400 000 m2
Possible area of the tracking area
Business solutions
ACROSS - new TMSgeneration
ACROSS platform innovations:
  • Reduction of vehicle downtime
  • Saving fuel
  • Reducing costs arising from problems with accounting documents
  • Reducing teamwork costs through the use of Business Chat
  • Document flow automation and cost reduction
  • Increasing the customer base
blockchain сontrol of any process
The continuous monitoring system of the DRUZA platform allows you to create a digital level for recording data on movements, payments, production, marking, etc. into the blockchain system. Druza makes it possible to tokenize any actions through tracking using UWB, GPS / GLONASS, and RFID technologies. For example, a supply accounting system that guarantees the quality of the goods of the companies of the network participants.