Creation of a new generation TMS
AKROSS is a platform for creating intelligent management systems for transport and logistics enterprises. The AKROSS functional allows you to create a new generation of TMS for both small logistics companies and companies leading in the industry
The rationale for creating a project
Analysis of the market situation and weaknesses of products in the industry
There is a serious shortage of integrated IT solutions in the transport market, which not only does not allow building a strategic development plan but also fully implements transparent current activities. Transportation orders are passed "by word of mouth" or published on dozens of different sites, which makes it impossible to quickly find the most suitable Application and efficiently process and accept it into work
1. Opaque selection and subjective assessment of the economic efficiency of the Application
2.Low quality and non-transparent planning system
3. In fact, there is no planning for the loading of vehicles
4. High fuel costs, excess mileage
5. The driver does not have fast two-way communication with the dispatcher.
6. Lack of fast and convenient communications between all divisions of the company
7. Inability to work remotely
8.Long period of adaptation of new employees. Difficulty learning.
9. Key business processes are confused, tasks are transmitted in the form of verbal instructions
Project implementation
Implementation of the Project "Across. PRO transport" provides transport and logistics companies with the following advantages:
- Data management using artificial intelligence (automatic search and distribution of requests for transportation, distribution of vehicle loads, and route assignments for drivers)
- Combining data from various sources and services (logistics sites, satellite geolocation services, geomarketing services, geocoding, and routing services) to implement a common system of decision-making recommendations using AI for employees of key divisions of logistics companies
- Providing remote execution of job duties from mobile devices in real-time
Efficiency and profitability
The AKROSS innovations are also the main functions aimed at increasing the profitability of a transport and logistics enterprise:
Route calculation
The use of AI in route calculations gives a significant reduction in fuel and lubricants and machine downtime
Orders TOP list
Increase in profits due to work with the maximum profitable orders for transportation (work with TOP orders)
Documents on the route
Reducing costs from problems with accompanying documents on the route
Reducing the time and costs of teamwork through the use of Business Chat.
Document flow
Automation of document circulation of all departments and reduction of costs for it
Client base
Increase of the client base due to convenient work with documents + connection of client services
Teamwork and the human factor
Двигатель эффективности любой компании работает за счет энергии ее команды. Команда ACROSS уделяет большое внимание задачам коммуникации и улучшения климата в коллективе предприятия-заказчика.
Prof skills
The system of motivation through excellence gives employees an incentive for professional growth. Skill, which is used as an economic indicator, allows you to build a TOP efficiency model
The functions of "Business Chat" simplify and significantly speed up the processes of communication within the team. Plus - they make it possible to influence teamwork
Working with mercenaries drivers
The driver's mobile application, as part of the TMS, allows mercenaries drivers to be included in the overall process
The use of artificial intelligence allows you to optimize the work schedule, taking into account the wishes of employees
Universal interface
For all route roles, the interface is built in accordance with their specifics. Nothing changes in the system - only the display is unique. For each role is a priority object/process (container) that includes other objects, and processes. For example, for the dispatcher, this is the Vehicle, for the forwarder - the application, and for the head of the column - the driver's work schedule
The list of current tasks (Kanban) is presented as a list of requests for cargo transportation with statuses
The dispatcher's task list is his list of his trucks with the indication of statuses and events
Brigade chief
The task board is made in the form of a time schedule indicating the statuses of the work of its truck drivers
Across Driver App
The application informs, maps the route, improves the psychological climate on the flight, and, most importantly, contains the information necessary to do the job. And, as a necessity dictated by today, it solves problems with documents
Real-time tracking of en-route events through the app
Route sheet
The application contains a detailed and convenient route sheet for each trip
The bonus system for each successfully completed stage of the route is a convenient tool for additional motivation
Business chat
Communication with the dispatcher, mutual assistance, exchange of experience, assistance in extreme situations and much more
Gas / fuels
The application allows you to save fuel, thanks to the accurate calculation of the most profitable refueling during the route
The application helps the driver to comply with all company regulations on document flow
Using artificial intelligence
The work of the AI of the product is the optimization of the work of the system, consisting of 4 basic neural networks, which allows you to make flexible presets. The general work of AI can be configured, for example, to reduce redistribution or to maximize the retention of drivers or to increase the share of private owners in transportation, etc. The four Basic Neural Networks of the Project are responsible for the following calculations:
TOP order
Drawing up a dynamic TOP list of orders based on preset data
Route pre-calculation
Predictive route analysis based on historical data and other external factors
Calculation of minimization of expenses for fuels and lubricants, taking into account the route and gas station on the route
Creation of work schedules for staff, taking into account labor laws and the list of flights
Using AI in route formation
The dynamic use of the AI of the ACROSS project is intended to generate data for creating flights and synchronizing the work of all departments through the work of neural networks